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About us

I focus on all-natural organic skincare products that will benefit your skin the natural way. I utilize the wonderful benefits of earth botanicals, peptides, vitamins, essential oils and wonderful organic butters and oils that are steam distilled, expeller pressed, or cold pressed and not obtained with the use of solvents, alcohol, or any other chemicals. I use only the best ingredients and only work with suppliers who offer all-natural, ECOCERT Certified, Kosher Certified and organic ingredients.

I never water down products; in replace of water which most companies use, I use Organic Aloe Vera Extract which gives you outstanding benefits to your product of choice. All my products are Paraben, Phthalate, formaldehyde, basically chemical free!

My name is Sonya and I started my company late 2013. It has been a great learning experience. I started making my own skin care products, as I did not trust many companies out there. I didn't want to use chemicals that were going to damage my health anymore! I gave some of my products to friends and family one year for Christmas presents and they LOVED them!!! After many times of them begging me for more and saying I should go into business I decided to take up the challenge. So here I am!!!!

I have been so amazed with my customers (Etsy, Amazon and my Website) on how they love my products and how it has done wonders for their skin. It probably has done wonders for their health too. I myself love how my skin feels and looks. Hearing from my customers and what my products have done for them makes all the hard work worth it!!!



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